The Most Hated Woman in America

This influencer documented every moment of her adopted son’s life — except the part where she quietly gave him away

The American Dream

A picture-perfect American family. Standing against a white wall, beaming. A smiling father and a pert blonde mother holding a baby. Then the children, in descending order. One, two, three. Four including the baby. They seem so happy — full of so much joy that it’s overflowing. This family has so much love to give.

Do It For The ‘Gram

Huxley seemed to be largely nonverbal but was able to communicate his needs through sign language. Although Myka admitted Huxley’s needs were more demanding than she had anticipated, she praised Huxley’s progress. Myka announced in a 2017 video that regardless of Huxley’s medical condition, “We’re not gonna trade him in, we’re not gonna return him, he’s our boy.” Huxley even appeared in ads on Myka’s Instagram page — the pair was shown snuggling with a conspicuous bottle of Dreft detergent atop fresh white linens. Their new sponsored life pushed them into the upper level of lifestyle bloggers, complete with a Range Rover and high ceilings.

Naive Young Parents Or Fame-hungry Influencers Poised to Exploit?

The Stauffers stayed silent until late May, when in a tearful vlog post Myka and James admitted they had “rehomed” their adopted son Huxley after nearly three years together. At first, they cited behavior issues, stating that they were not told the scope of his special needs when they adopted him and they were not equipped to handle his outbursts. In addition, The Stauffers alleged Huxley was extremely aggressive towards their other children and his behavior made it impossible for them to employ the in-home care he needed. They claim they were silent about the issue to protect Huxley as he settled into his new placement.



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